La pépite du jour c’est Chika et High Rises

Une pépite hip hop en douceur avec Chika et High Rises.

Chika est une jeune mc de l’Alabama. Tu connais, c’est l’état des Etats-unis qui a fait une loi anti-avortement qui fait reculer encore le droit des femmes et les droits de l’homme. Mais ce n’est pas le propos d’aujourd’hui même si c’est très important mais je voulais en toucher deux mots car d’une part notre artiste du jour est engagé sur le sujet et d’autres parts, il ne faut pas oublier que c’est une belle bande de fils de comptable.

Sur une instru très west coast, un peu chill, presque RNB, notre jeune MC nous parle de l’enfance, de ses difficultés. Elle pose un flow rapide mais doux sur le harcélement, le regard des autres et la confiance en soi. Ca va surement faire écho à un ou plusieurs épisodes de votre jeunesse.

C’est donc extrait de son prochain ep qui devrait paraitre cet été.

Little black girl from the South
Little black girl run her mouth
Little black girl don’t know where to go
‘Cause she like to clown and the teachers stay kickin’ her out
Insecure, but she won’t say it out loud
All she wanna do is make her mama proud
She wanna be like them other girls, they in another world
She just can’t figure them out

Round face, thick thighs
Full waist, bright eyes, she
Wonders if they’ll judge her for her size, she
Doesn’t compromise, she’s
Seen this world before, this child is wise
Never busy
But her mind is occupied, she used to dream of high rises

But life is
Full of surpises
Talent comes in second place to perfect timin’
Used to swear that I was ready, but back then I wasn’t rhymin’
Funny, hunger came from stayin’ in my dorm and eatin’ Ramen
College had me stressin’

College had me stressin’
So Father grant me blessings
Path I’m on is lonely so, right now just help me feel yo presence
Gimme royal bars with the humility of mortal peasants
Pray that every L just stand for lesson
Call me Lauryn as I stand on this hill
I begin to survey the field
I wondered, just how far I’d get without a deal, ’cause
Anything I say is real and any line I spit is facts
And any dream I have is valid, so I’m never goin’ back, shit

(That is where the choice resides)
You write the future, you know where it lies
I preceed judgment as anger’s disguise
Taking a risk will always yield a prize
People will tell us to follow our heart and then look at us crazy when we live our lives
My mom, this one’s for dad
All of the supporters that I ever had
This for the principal at my highschool who said I would be nothin’, well look where I’m at
Won’t stop till I ain’t got to look at the tag
Till’ we go out to eat and I pick up the tab
Took a leap on my dream now it’s all I can see
I’m enjoyin’ the scene and I’m not lookin’ back, shit

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo


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