Les 10 groupes à découvrir de Slaptop

Slaptop nous balance des nouveaux sons à la crème

Slaptop est un dj ricain qui fait de la chill music. Son plus gros succès est walls, un son d’été qui a cartonné. La track parfaite pour danser durant l’été et l’été indien qui arrive, si si je te promets.

L’ami Slaptop a fait une playlist pour le blog. 10 groupes à découvrir. Il nous en parle (si tu comprends pas, tu peux faire clique droit et traduire) :

1. I saw Bob Moses perform on Robot Heart at Burning Man two weeks ago and it was the best show I’ve seen in years. Love their sound and highly recommend their new album.
2. If you are not on the Soulection hype yet, I highly recommend anyone from that crew (Especially Sam Gellaitry). Originality is the name of the game these days and those guys are winning.
3. Love Maribou State’s new album. The soundscapes that they create are powerfully emotive and they use noise as an instrument which is dope.
4. Dark, dirty techno from a fellow San Franciscan.
5. Jack Garratt has been on fire since coming onto the scene, this is my favorite of his.
6. Lonely Boy is an up-and-coming LA producer who’s music makes you feel as much as it makes you move. Love his track « Everything » as well
7. If you don’t know Kiiara, now you know.
8. This song takes you on a journey.
9. This remix embodies the things I love most about music. You can’t help but to dance, sing along, and relate to it all at once.
10. Great vocal, great rework.


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