Miss gif 2013 #9 The stop girl

The stop girl




Le gif sourire le plus mignon du monde ENTIER. Cette fille c’est sarah, elle a été filmé pendant un match de football américain. Puis en deux ans, grace aux pouvoirs des internets, elle est devenu, THE STOP GIRL.. Juste cette fille est célèbre, c’est un Hall of meme des internets.

Son histoire complète (en tout cas le début) :


Stop Girl is the nickname given to a woman who was briefly filmed by an ESPNcameraman during a college football game in 2010. The video clip was subsequently converted into an animated GIF and her innocuous reaction to being filmed on camera drew much curiosity from internet sports blogs and forum communities, particularly onReddit where there is an entire subreddit dedicated to the Stop Girl.


On September 18th, 2010, a University of Arizona student was filmed by ESPN during a football game between the Arizona Wildcats and the Iowa Hawkeyes. At first unaware of the camera, she begins to laugh and mouths the word “stop” at the cameraman upon realizing that she is being recorded (shown below).


On May 21st, 2011, Redditor luhjan resubmitted the animated image to the /r/gifs[7] subreddit, where it received over 1,200 up votes and 80 comments before it was archived. On June 22nd, 2012, the /r/thestopgirl[1] subreddit was created, which gained more than 11,900 subscribers in the next eight months. On October 8th, the Internet news blog The Daily Dot[3] published an article about the subreddit, noting that most submissions included links to the same Stop Girl animated GIF. On December 20th, the viral content site BuzzFeed[2] published a list of the “54 best animated GIFs of 2012,” ranking the Stop Girl at number 32. On December 28th, Redditor Dino97 submitted a post to the /r/funny[11] subreddit, claiming he had been banned from /r/thestopgirl for posting an animated GIF of a woman being hit by a stop sign (shown below). Within two months, the post received more than 48,000 up votes and 1,500 comments.

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