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Chuck Palahniuk

La page du mot-clef Chuck Palahniuk

Zombie By Chuck Palahniuk

Seconde nouvelle de Chuck Palahniuk paru dans playboy It was Griffin Wilson who proposed the theory of de-evolution. He sat two rows behind me in Organic Chem, the very definition of an evil genius. He was the first to take the Great Leap Backward. Everybody knows because Tricia Gedding was in the nurse’s office with Lire la suite

CANNIBAL By Chuck Palahniuk

  nouvelle inédite de Chuck Palahniuk publié sur le site de playboy hier. En anglais This is him. This is how he goes, the captain of the Red Team. He’s all, “Listen up.” He’s desperate because they’re still choosing sides. Because all the good picks are already taken, the captain says, “We’ll make you a Lire la suite