alt-J / Every Other Freckle


Every Other Freckle
Every Other Freckle

Every Other Freckle est le nouveau single d’Alt-J.

Envoutant et magique, il va enchanter ta journée. Les anglais proposent un son electro puissant, Joe Newman susurre ses prédications pour mieux nous prendre par la main dans un son qui relève du rite de passage. 

L’album This Is All Yours sort le 22 septembre pour notre grand bonheur.

Also available to pre-order on Double Vinyl:

Forthcoming live dates:

Lyrics :

I want to share your mouthful
I want to do all the things your lungs do so well
I’m gonna bend into you like a cat fits into a bean bag
Turn you inside out to lick you like a crisp packet

You’re the first and last of your kind
(Pull me like an animal [?])
I wanna be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you
Gonna paw, paw at you
Like a cat paws at my woolen jumper

Devour me
New, new let the cover girls sing

All hand claps, you will clap
(Let me be the wallpaper that papers up your room)
I wanna be every button you press
And all mouth fits around you
Yes I’m gonna run around you like a cat runs around [?]
I’m gonna kiss you, like the sun browns you

Devour me
Devour me
If you really think that you could stomach me

[Outro] x8
I want every other freckle

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