Ma grosse claque musicale de 2016 Crying / There Was a Door

Ca faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas écouté un son étonnant. je commençais à désespérer de cette année 2016. Mais Crying est arrivé

Crying est un groupe new yorkais. Leur son est une power pop complètement foutraque. La voix est toute douce mais il y a des fulgurances, des ponts très années 80 et puis soudain BIM ! C’est très inventif, il y a quelques choses d’Explosion in the sky en plus catchy.

La musique du trio est surprenante, curieuse parfois. J’écoute l’album en boucle depuis hier. C’est donc ma claque de 2016. Je vous recommande. Tu peux commencer par Beyond The fleet qui est caractéristique de ce qu’ils font.

C’est extrait de l’album Beyond the Fleeting Gales que tu peux écouter juste en dessous.

et les lyrics de la chanson

[Slipping through the elevator doors, well aware that the man could be already there]

Will he look? Must I always come and go in distress?
I forget — I can’t escape behind the shape of my chest

and as a matter of fact,
either way I serve it,
I am bound to a trap
of two determined landscapes,
so I’m bound to attack like a River:

All I’ve wanted for the place I live
is the same for this vessel I’m in:
a body of water


Feeling nothing, it will pool inside of me

resting my hands after I fought
to resurrect what I forgot,
new hands appeared before my eyes
to move the dirt again

1. I just keep coming out to myself
2. I just keep coming out to myself
it just keeps coming

[how suddenly there was a door!]

Now, when I look in the mirror,
it’s not as hard to tell myself
the good things that I want to hear,
but the problem slips from foul lips —
and the misunderstanding of an ownership.

“FAMILY” doesn’t mean you can touch
and “JUST JOKING” is not a reason enough for me to
not bite but be polite
and if you don’t “see it coming,”
then you better think twiceee ~

All I’ve wanted for the place I live
is respect for this vessel I’m in:
a body of water


Teach me how to be unseen as something to claim

Just when I thought I had run into a standstill
How suddenly there was a door!

Here it comes — a current
can you feel it rushing through
despite all its power, I’ve learned it’s best
to shut my mouth and yet
the pressure will come-
Enough with exposition!
Get to the heart of it, no matter
what you started with.

If you don’t want it,
you can reset it


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