La pépite du jour c’est Fringe Character et Star Washer (feat. GregB)

On découvre le son doux de Fringe Character et on va pas se mentir, ça fait du bien

Fringe Character est un compositeur et multi instrumentiste américain. Il nous propose une musique pleine d’amour et de langueur entre rnb et soul. Car oui, il y parle d’amour mais surtout de la façon dont on peut regarder l’être chéri mais aussi de la cajoler avec les yeux. Il regardera les étoiles pour nous.

C’est donc extrait de l’album Phases qui sort en Octobre prochain sur le label Fringe Caracters

to shine so bright for you
I wash the stars for you
when you are unhappy and no light is shining through
in the dark of the night I’ll show up with my work boots
I guess I’ve got some work to do
I wash the stars for you
to keep them shining bright
to see the twinkle in your eyes
no better night than tonight
I wash the stars for you
you can do all you want to
I’ll provide light to see you through
I believe in you
I wash the stars for you
to shine so bright for you

Come on darlin’
I will comfort you
No matter what my line says
You need me baby don’t you sweat it
I’m here
I’m here for you

when you wake up in the morning and the world seems strange
just remember those things once said
keep your head up high and vision to the sky
but rent just kicked in and people tripping too
seeing the world fade faintly in the world that you knew
calm, remaining active from the picture that you drew
chiaroscuro everybody seeking the light
Alaleulah or hallelujah for freedom we fight
Just remind yourself this life is not a mistake
people may be fake the now might be late
and any day can turn to the day so replay
the message as you lay down to sleep
know the stars are squeaky clean

Fringe Character

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