La playlist pour ton plan à trois

C’est le week-end ! Aimons-nous à plusieurs.

On se confine en trio et on n’oublie pas les trois règles : regarder / écouter / s’amuser. Même si on sait bien qu’il n’y a pas de règles et c’est ça qui est beau. Voici de la musique qui donne envie de bouger et plus si affinités. (P.S. la photo en bannière est de Stefan Söderström)

« Can’t Help But Fly » – Climbing Poetree

I’m a bird who sings in the springtime
She’s a girl who smiles like the sunrise
Though I love the days when she’s all mine
I don’t try to bottle her sunshine (…)
I love it how my loyalty
dissolves your insecurity
Our love it blooms concurrently
You know that’s my priority

« Do Not Disturb » – Halestorm

I love your accent
I wonder what it’ll sound like when you cum
Let’s see if Blondes or Brunettes are more fun
I’m on the very top floor room 1334
There’s a king size bed but we can do it on the floor
Turn your cellphone off, leave a sign on the door
That says « Do not disturb »

« Love In Stereo » – Warrant

Looks like I’m gonna have to fight
To keep from losin’ my mind
I never had two women before
But I’m an open-minded person
So baby lock that door
Love in stereo
Love in stereo
Oh how can anything feel so good

« Teamwork » – Ludacris

Hey we gonna be havin’ some fun and
‘Cause 2 is better than 1 and,
Somebody kill the lights, we doin’
Freaky (freaky) (freaky) (freaky) shit tonight, yeah

« No I in Threesome » – Interpol

Babe, it’s time
We gave something new a try
Oh alone we may fight
So just let us be three

« I U She » – Peaches

I, you, he together, come on, baby let’s go
I, you, she together, come on, baby let’s go
I don’t have to make the choice, I like girls and I like boys

« Multi-Love » – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Multi-Love has got me on my knee
We were one, then become three
Mama what have you done to me
I’m half crazy

« 3 » – Britney Spears

Three is a charm
Two is not the same
I don’t see the harm
So are you game?
Let’s make a team
Make ’em say my name
Lovin’ the extreme
Now are you game?

« Three Days » – Jane’s Addiction

Three ways was the morning
Three lovers, in three ways
We knew when she landed
Three days she’d stay
I am a proud man anyway
Covered now by three days

« Je l’aime aussi » – Fredericks/Goldman/Jones

Mais qu’y puis-je si je l’aime aussi?
On n’aura jamais de train pour l’amour
Jamais d’horaires, de rails, sans détour, à vie
J’l’aime aussi
Et Rome sermonne et clochers carillonnent
Y en a pourtant tant qui n’aiment personne

« 3-Way (The Golden Rule) » – The Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga

And all of that was okay, ’cause it was in a 3-way
It’s quite clear when you see the instant replay
Maybe two is enough, that’s what they’ll say
But we’ll say « Hell no, » 1-2-3 way

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