La pépite du jour c’est Callum Pitt et Away From The Rousing Parades

Callum Pitt nous propose Away From The Rousing Parades, une chanson qui te rendra heureux

Callum Pitt est un jeune et talentueux chanteur de pop folk de Newcastle. Il nous propose une pop simple et d’été qui s’envole avec la puissance de ses chœurs. La mélodie ressemble un peu à du Beirut mais sans les cuivres.

C’est une musique qui appelle aux sourires et à la vie. Elle fait du bien. On en a pas trop besoin en ce moment parce qu’on est champion du monde (oui quand même) mais ça peut redescendre vite.

Si tu veux en écouter plus, c’est la . Les lyrics sont sous le titre

So chalk up the minutes comparing the tickets we won in these coastal arcades
You’re like some distant murmur that carries me further away from the rousing parades

When the sun is sinking into the floor the threads unwind
The questions are swimming out my mind so slow

Well I’ve seen people sitting with their teeth all gritted and waiting the whole evening long
Slump with a sigh after most passing by ’cause they just want to talk to someone

There’s a warm wind coming, marching along with a big brass band
I’m waving an outstretched aching hand, so slow

Well some spend their time piling bricks up and climbing like we get out of here alive
We search for a meaning before disappearing and hope that our memories survive

I don’t know what’s coming to sweep up the rug from where I’m stood
And probably wouldn’t if I could, oh no

I’ve been dripping with sweat throwing long silhouettes and not really going far at all
Like feigning a jog with a wild pack of dogs that are slavering after a ball

Well I don’t mind losing, only need one to hold onto
‘Cause chasing a number just won’t do, oh no
Callum Pitt

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